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The Miner Outflow Multiple indicates the amount of Bitcoins flowing out of miner addresses is high with respect to its historical average. It is deined as the ratio of miners outflow and its 365 day MA.

El Miner Outflow Multiple indica que la cantidad de Bitcoins que fluyen fuera de las direcciones mineras es alta con respecto a su promedio histórico. La relación de salida de los mineros y su MA de 365 días.
Puell Multiple =
Daily Coin Issuance (USD)
divided by
MA365 (Daily Coin Issuance USD)

Múltiple puell =
Emisión diaria de monedas (USD)
dividido por
MA365 (Emisión diaria de monedas USD)

This metric shines a light onto the other side of the coin from the proverbial HODLERS OF LAST RESORT, namely the COMPULSORY SELLERS and the fundamentals of mining profitability that are at play in shaping Bitcoin´s market cycles.
David Puell´s simple but yet ingenious idea of adjusting this metric by its yearly simple moving average has produced a new, powerful and elegant tool to gauge the market cycles form MINING PROFITABLILITY / COMPULSORY SELLERS´ perspective.

Esta métrica ilumina la otra cara de la moneda de los proverbiales HODLERS OF LAST RESORT, a saber, los VENDEDORES COMPULSIVOS y los fundamentos de la rentabilidad minera que están en juego en la conformación de los ciclos de mercado de Bitcoin..
La idea simple pero ingeniosa de David Puell de ajustar esta métrica por su simple media móvil anual ha producido una herramienta nueva, potente y elegante para medir los ciclos de mercado que forman la perspectiva de MINING PROFITABLILITY / MANDATORY SELLERS.


The Miner Outflow Multiple

Indicator Overview

This metric looks at the supply side of Bitcoin’s economy – bitcoin miners and their revenue.

It explores market cycles from a mining revenue perspective. Bitcoin miners are sometimes referred to as compulsory sellers due to their need to cover fixed costs of mining hardware in a market where price is extremely volatile. The revenue they generate can therefore influence price over time.

The Puell Multiple is calculated by dividing the daily issuance value of bitcoins (in USD) by the 365-day moving average of daily issuance value.

How It Can Be Used

There are periods of time where the value of bitcoins being mined and entering the ecosystem is too great or too little relative to historical norms.

Understanding these periods of time can be beneficial to the strategic Bitcoin investor.

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Whale Addresses
One of the most reliable indicators out there is just to examine the number of wallets that have more than 1,000 Bitcoin in them.
If there are more wallets with 1k BTC in them it will show that these whales have been accumulating their coins and hence they have a view that Bitcoin could have value at these levels.

Direcciones de ballenas
Uno de los indicadores más fiables por ahí es sólo para examinar el número de carteras que tienen más de 1.000 Bitcoin en ellos.
Si hay más carteras con 1k BTC en ellas se mostrará que estas ballenas han estado acumulando sus monedas y por lo tanto tienen una visión de que Bitcoin podría tener valor en estos niveles.


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An upgrade to the tech called «bullet proofs». These made the transactoins not only lighter but also much cheaper and faster.

Monero is privacy coin enemy number one when it comes to regulators & agencies. They are funding numerous blockchain auditing firms in order to develop technology to track it.

Monero is also not a security as compared to a number of other coins. It has the lowest rating when it comes to being able to be a security.
With the potential release of Atomic swaps, Monero could bypass the need for exchanges entirely. Users could swap Monero & Bitcoin cross chain.

RandomX mining algorithm is heavily reliant on CPU mining which means that it decreases mining centralisation.
Since the implementation of RandomX, hash rate has been climbing while the number of miners on the network has also been doing so. This all points to Monero winning the battle against these ASIC miners.

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